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KURAIDORI Cast Iron Mortar & Pestle

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SKU 4110515

This solid cast iron mortar and pestle is designed with a pre-seasoned finish and a rough interior that provides a good texture for grinding up ingredients. It is great for crushing, grinding and pulping substances such as herbs and spices, but can also easily be used on other ingredients. The 3-cup capacity provides plenty of space for crushing but remember when cleaning, to wipe down only, otherwise the entire unit will need to be 100% dry before its next use.

  • Pulp, grind and bruise herbs and spices with ease
  • Rough inside surface provides a good substance to grind against
  • Cast iron design
  • Pre-seasoned finish
  • Wipe clean only (if water is added units need to be dried completely)
  • Capacity: 740 ml (3.1 cups)
  • Diameter: 15.5 cm (17 cm including the pouring lip)
  • Height: 9.5 cm