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Excalibur Boltcutter 150 Grain B.A.T. Broadheads

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Excalibur’s Boltcutter B.A.T. Broad heads features tunable alignment blades so each broad head flies identically. The key is that the blades on each individual broad head are aligned the same way when loaded in your crossbow. Boltcutter B.A.T. Broadheads allow you to do just this with a simple wrench and hex key.

  • B.A.T. (Broadhead Alignment Technology) for perfect arrow flight
  • 150 grains
  • CLS (Center Locking System): The most accurate and durable broadhead assembly available
  • Change the blades without removing the broadhead body from the arrow.
  • 1 1/16″ Cutting diameter.
  • High Strength stainless steel blades and tip