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Camillus Charge 8" Titanium Folding Knife

SKU 52910137
The Camillus CHARGE 8" Folding Knife features a 3.25" Carbonitride Titanium Non-Stick blade made from AUS-8 Steel. AUS-8 strikes an exceptional balance between toughness, edge sharpness, and corrosion resistance on its own, but we've taken it a step further. The steel is bonded with Carbonitride Titanium to provide enhanced resistance to rust and corrosion while also making the blade up to 10x harder than untreated steel. This also in turn provides unparalleled edge retention regardless of how the knife is used. Featuring dual thumbstuds, a G-10 Handle, liner lock, reversible pocket/belt Clip, and a lanyard hole as well, the CHARGE embodies the core Camillus attributes of versatility and durability very well.